My entire professional career has consisted of conducting research and working with populations and individuals to help them overcome problems and ultimately reach their full potential. Throughout this time my clinical tool of choice has always been Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) which is best described in the best selling book, Feeling Good: The New Mood Therapy, by Dr David Burns.

Frankly, for many years, CBT has been the only psychotherapy that has proven effective in clinical trials.

The premise of CBT is relatively simple. It focuses on the idea that people can be taught to think and act in more rational (effective) ways. This approach not only provides a means of changing the ways people view themselves and their environment (cognitions), but also the way they act in that environment (behaviors).

In my experience, the only downside to CBT has been the prescribed focus on helping individuals identify and change one irrational thought at a time. Because it’s estimated that the average person thinks between 20,000 and 70,000 thoughts per day, you can image how inefficient it can be to focus on changing a a single irrational thought. With this limitation in mind I have struggled to find a more efficient approach to helping individuals deal with a broader range of issues.

Ironically, I discovered what has proven to be a more effective path inside a Hollywood Studio. This discovery took place when I was consulting on a popular television program. I was sitting in a Hollywood studio with several writers and a producer discussing the different ways one of the characters on the program might respond to a number of “hypothetical” challenges in her life when it occurred to me that what was happening in the studio was very much like what happens in my clinics.

As I answered questions about different scenarios the writers were editing the story line which would eventually be passed off to the actors in the form of a script. The actors would, in turn, rehearse their lines and play their parts.

This is also true with my clients. They listen and think through my socratics questions and suggestions, and based on their insights they will change their “life script.” In fact, I now tell all my clients that a necessary first step in improving their lives is to systematically identify and revise stories they tell themselves that undermine their success and happiness.

This new approach, which I call Life Script Restructuring (LSR), has been highly successful in helping individuals overcome significant challenges and change their lives for good. Because of this success I’ve recently written a book that outlines this approach.

I have titled my new book True Psychology: A Scientific Approach to a Better Life. This provocative title fits because LSR, along with the many other self help techniques included in the book, is based on universal truths.
I’ve discovered first-hand through my research and the work I’ve done among various cultures around the globe that anyone, anywhere who is willing to invest the time required to write a new life script, and rehearse the script using the self hypnosis techniques I outline in my book, will be able to permanently change their lives.

Contemporary Neurological Research has demonstrated that our brains have the ability to rewire themselves in response to changes in our thinking. This characteristic of the brain is called Neuroplasticity.
LSR systematically leverages brain plasticity in a way that allows you to painlessly unlearn maladaptive ways of thinking and living and permanently replace them with rational life scripts that continually dictate rational thoughts and actions.

Although this process is similar to modern CBT, I’ve discovered it to be more efficient and effective. This is because instead of attempting to change how you see the world, one irrational thought at a time, through LSR you’re able to contextualize and change the entire infrastructure of your many life scripts that, at both a subconscious and conscious level, persistently dictate everything you think and do.

As was mentioned above this is important because you think thousands of discrete thoughts every day. To make sense of these thoughts you organize them into stories. The irrational stories (your irrational life scripts) you tell yourself are the targets of LSR.

Finally, let me say that this is not theoretical fun and games. I can’t imagine sitting across from clients day after day trying to persuade them to do something that doesn’t work. LSR works because it’s grounded in my clinical experience and based on what leading behavioral scientists agree are the key universal principles required to help individuals make permanent changes and reach their potential.

Obviously, I recommend that you get a copy of this new book and begin the process of rewriting the parts of your life script that are not currently working for you. After all, you are the star of the “movie about your life” and the scripts you write and play out will determine whether or not you will have a happy ending! True Psychology: A Scientific Approach to a Better Life, can systematically guide you through the process of rewriting and internalizing your life scripts in a way that enables you to become your highest and best self.