Wise Up . . . Change is Hard: 8 Science-Based Steps for Making it Stick

This book contains very practical and relatable guidance for managing goals, thoughts, and actions through change. As I am currently through a shift in my career, I found the tactics outlined in this book to be very calming and rational steps to take, reducing that panicked feeling of things being overwhelming or out of […]

Precious Time

This book is a “how to” guide for developing, implementing, and evaluating parenting plans tailored to your family structure and needs. The parenting methods presented in this book are not theoretical fun and games. Rather, they are based on what works and what is needed to raise healthy, happy, and responsible children of all […]

The Routine Practice Planner

Want to be a better you? The Routine Practice Planner is the only tool you need to make progress towards your personal change goals every single day.

Unlike other performance and self-help planners, it’s based on a time-tested, scientifically validated theory of human psychology: Mindful Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. That’s what Dr. Galen Cole has used […]

Life Script Restructuring

Life Script Restructuring: The Neuroplastic Psychology for Rewiring Your Brain and Changing Your Life
Life Script Restructuring will allow you to literally rewire your brain. It will help you leverage the brain’s neuroplasticity to create a more rational, effective life path. Life Script Restructuring works by helping you systematically identify and script what you want […]

Lasting Lover

In this step-by-step guide, Dr Galen Cole shares his proven formula for what it takes to be with the person you want to be with for the rest of your life. Your forever person! Dr Cole translated this formula into this book which is a science-based approach to building and maintaining a romantic […]