Precious Time

This book is a “how to” guide for developing, implementing, and evaluating parenting plans tailored to your family structure and needs. The parenting methods presented in this book are not theoretical fun and games. Rather, they are based on what works and what is needed to raise healthy, happy, and responsible children of all […]

True Psychology

To become resilient in a way that helps you be ok when things in your life are not ok and, to learn to live happily, you must understand and intentionally apply correct principles. This book outlines these principles and describes a number of tools that I’ve used in my clinical practice to help individuals […]

Life Script Restructuring

Life Script Restructuring: The Neuroplastic Psychology for Rewiring Your Brain and Changing Your Life
Life Script Restructuring will allow you to literally rewire your brain. It will help you leverage the brain’s neuroplasticity to create a more rational, effective life path. Life Script Restructuring works by helping you systematically identify and script what you want […]

Change You

Change You: A Scientific Approach to Recovery from Bad Habits and Addictions
This book provides a step by step approach to overcoming bad habits or addictions. Just as the brain can adapt in unhealthy ways that result in bad habits and addictions, the brain also can readapt to more rational, healthy thought and behavioral patterns […]