Want to be a better you? The Routine Practice Planner is the only tool you need to make progress towards your personal change goals every single day.

Unlike other performance and self-help planners, it’s based on a time-tested, scientifically validated theory of human psychology: Mindful Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. That’s what Dr. Galen Cole has used for over 30 years to help his patients overcome anxiety and depression, beat addiction, mend broken relationships, and change their lives for the better.
If you’re ready to get yourself back on track and fulfill your inner potential, this is your guide. It includes:
3 months of undated calendar pages, so you can start whenever you want
An introduction to the 5 core skills of personal change
Daily routine pages that strengthen those 5 skills
Weekly planning and review pages to keep your goals in focus
Thought journal pages that reduce unhelpful mental habits
This planner is more than an organizational tool—it’s your personal change coach. Dr. Cole created it as a companion to his book, Wise Up… Change is Hard, but its value stands alone. With this planner, you’ll spend 30 minutes a day practicing the key exercises that Dr. Cole has found most transformational for his psychotherapy patients. This routine practice will build the skills you need to take charge of your mind and life for good.

Dr. Galen Cole is a psychotherapist certified by the American Board of Psychotherapy and the World Council of Psychotherapy, as well as a licensed professional counselor, hypnotherapist, and Master of Public Health. In addition to his private practice as a sought-after therapist and life coach, he spent over two decades as a behavioral scientist and communication director at the CDC, helping manage public health crises at home and abroad. He has also served on the faculty at Northern Arizona University, Arizona State University, Pennsylvania State University, and Emory University, and he conducts intensive continuing education workshops for psychotherapists throughout the country.