Dr Cole has been trained in Classical Hypnotherapy, Rapid Resolution Therapy™, Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy™, Neorolinguistic Programming, and Ericksonian Hypnosis.

Whereas many hypnotherapists offer hypnosis sessions for issues such as weight reduction, insomnia, smoking cessation, addiction, and pain, Dr Cole specializes in treating symptoms (e.g., depression, persistent anxiety, stress, tension, and trauma-induced fears) that arise from traumatic life events like accidents, assaults, disasters, acts of terror, and physical or sexual abuse as a child or adult.

More specifically, if you are struggling with the negative effects of Trauma or PTSD, Dr Cole will:

  • Work with any subconscious beliefs and conclusions about how and why a traumatic event happened to you.
  • Help you process and release the stored emotions related to your trauma.
  • Assist you in changing your irrational core beliefs that cause symptoms and maladaptive coping.
  • Help you change your irrational, automatic coping thoughts (stories) and actions that are triggered by reminders of your trauma.
  • Provide you with credible, evidence-based tools and resources to help you feel more in control of your physiological responses when triggered with fear.
  • Train you to use a variety of tools that help you take back a sense of personal control in the presence of persons, places, and situations that are currently triggering upsetting emotions, panic, and maladaptive coping.

For more detailed information about how Dr Cole’s trauma-focussed hypnosis techniques work  you can read this Blog Post “The Five Symptoms of PTSD and How Hypnotherapy Helps” by Cassie Salewske,  2016. If you want more information related to how Dr Cole’s approach impacts your trauma stories you may want to click here to purchase his book entitled “Life Script Restructuring.