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Tips for Recognizing Effective Couples Therapy

Principles of a Happy, Romantic Relationship

True Psychology-How Consulting in Hollywood Led to the New Psychology of Life Script Restructuring

My entire professional career has consisted of conducting research and working with populations and individuals to help them overcome problems and ultimately reach their full potential. Throughout this time my clinical tool of choice has always been Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) which is best described in the best selling book, Feeling Good: The New […]

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Effective Therapies for PTSD Underutilized

New clinical research suggests most people with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) fail to receive evidence-based psychotherapy interventions.

Experts report that PTSD affects nearly 8 million adults in any given year.

Fortunately, clinical research has identified certain psychological interventions that can significantly help to reduce PTSD symptoms.

However, a new report published in Psychological Science in the Public […]

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If You Have A Nail In Your Head Don’t Talk About It, Get It Out!

Jason Headley recently released a short video entitled “It’s Not About the Nail.” Headley’s short video is a powerful way of communicating that individuals who incessantly want other people to listen to their problems as a means of getting some kind of cathartic relief will always come up disappointed, no matter how good the […]

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