What to do before making an appointment?
Please note that all appointments are made online, at this site.

Before making your first appointment please complete the “New Client Application Form” by clicking the designated NEW CLIENTS link below. This will help us determine, based on the nature and seriousness of your situation, whether Dr. Cole is able to provide you services at this time (Notice: Due to our heavy client load we are not accepting Employee Assistance Program clients at this time).

If you are accepted as a new client we will send you an email explaining how to sign up for your first appointment. If you have insurance, please take advantage of our complimentary insurance authorization and billing support services. This complimentary service is provided by a third party (Clear-Solutions) and is available to all clients to help you navigate the increasingly complex behavioral health insurance system. To take advantage of this service please call Clear-Solutions at 866-714-1224 or email them by clicking here: Clear-Solutions Email.

NEW CLIENTS – Click here to complete the “New Client Application Form.”

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What is the cost of a session?
How to pay for services?
What about insurance?
What is the typical frequency of sessions?
When do administrative support costs apply?